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Businesses are changing
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Cost-effective email marketing and
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Featured Services

• Email Marketing to Your Existing Client List or Ours
• E-commerce/Shopify Website Design
• Digital Marketing Strategy
• Training for Social Media Marketing
• Email Addresses for Executives and High Net Worth Individuals

The Adventure Begins

Monterey Bay Marketing started with one simple idea in mind: help small businesses grow through customized email marketing. Businesses are changing and having to market their products and services online. This year has been particularly difficult for small businesses, especially those without an online presence and locations that have had to close due to shelter-in-placeContinue reading “The Adventure Begins”

Why Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a very valuable tool. It is estimated that over 2.8 billion people use email worldwide, and that number is increasing year over year. Think of your own experience. You might sift through, swipe left, archive, and so on, but think of the email you look forward to receiving. Newsletters from brands youContinue reading “Why Email Marketing?”


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Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality

Dependability and reliability are the framework of trust

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